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Wednesday Night UPLOAD - 6:30PM

The Five Solas Questions

Fellowship Meal set-up & clean-up sign up!
We need your help to make our fellowship meals run smoothly. we need 4 volunteers each wednesday. 2 volunteers will arrive at 5:45pm and get things ready for us to eat at 6:00pm, then 2 volunteers will stay and clean-up after we eat. if you would like to volunteer for a wednesday, just click the link below to sign up!

wednesday classes for the First term 2018 are now posted! click the link below to see descriptions and to sign up!

Concord U offers a 'campus' style study environment where each individual can choose from a growing number of classes including Public Safety, Basic Christianity, Deep Theology and many more.

Concord U is not only available to Concord Church Members, it's available to everyone in our Community.  

Don't attend Concord church?
You can sign up!!!

Don't attend any church?
You can sign up!!!

Attend another church?
You can sign up!!!

Supporting a loved one?
You can sign up!!!

Child care is available for those attending concord u Classes

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Here's the link to the book Pastor joe referenced in his sermon on sunday. It's a book worth reading!