Concord’s Preschool and Mother’s Day Out program is an outreach ministry that serves the surrounding community. 
Our desire is to provide a safe, quality program for preschool age children. 
Our curriculum promotes children’s spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social growth 
through playtime, computer, art, music, crafts, science and Bible stories. 
Our 4 year old classes include all of the elements needed to prepare children for kindergarten.

Our program at a glance

Available Days
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday + Friday 
(2-day Minimum)
2 day spaces must be: (
Monday + Thursday) or (Tuesday + Friday)

Program Hours
8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Pick-up times are firm + late fees will apply

Rates and Fees
 $135 monthly
$175 Monthly
$215 Monthly
Fall Supply Fee
Spring Supply Fee
$55 Annually
$50, due in August
$50, Due in December 

Early Morning Care
Available from 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. for an additional fee of $2.00 per 
A minimum enrollment must be met + 
Spaces are limited.

Morning Carpool
We will have morning carpool beginning at 8:30 a.m. and promptly ending at 8:40 a.m. Carpool will be at the discretion of MDO. 
In cases of weather, short staff, special days or party days, a sign will be placed outside informing you of carpool cancellation. ALWAYS be prepared to walk your child into the building.

Art / Computer / Music
Your child will enjoy enrichment classes outside of the classroom with a special instructor. 
We will have scheduled performances during the year for you to attend so you can witness first hand their progress in these areas.
In order for your child to receive the most benefit from these additional classes, they must attend all 4 days of the week.

All children will need to bring a
 lunch and juice each day.
 These items should be finger foods that your child can eat by themselves with the exception of infants under 12 months. 
We are not able to 
 heat or refrigerate food. 
 Children will also need a dry food item for a morning snack time.

Rest Time
Our goal is to provide the maximum amount of learning time each day. 
if your child requires a nap,
we will do our best to 
accommodate the situation.
 In the event that your child requires a rest time, you will be responsible for providing a plastic or cloth nap mat. 
Sleeping bags and large pillows 
are not allowed.

Special Needs
Concord's preschool & Mother’s Day Out program is not staffed, trained or equipped for children with moderate to severe special needs. 
However, we will consider your child with mild special needs on a 
case by case basis. 

For special needs children, MDO requires that your child already be evaluated by a certified therapist and have an IEP. 
There will be an additional fee added to your monthly tuition for a special needs aide.