Paul & Jennifer Hayes
co-ed/Room 101

john brothers
co-ed/ Room 104

Dewayne & Dondee Osburn
co-ed / Room 108

Sibyl Johns
Women's Class / Room 110

Sundays at 9:00am

groups are essential to accomplish The Mission and vision of Jesus for His church. Jesus created a group as a primary method of transformation and multiplication for His first twelve disciples. The early church continued that model. 

The members of Concord believe that Jesus Established groups as the best method by which His disciples are transformed into His image and the best method by which His message of redemption is to be carried to the nations.

We encourage everyone to join a group where WE can actively make disciples of all nations together.

concord Students
Michael garrison
high school
Room 109

Concord Kids

Kids Groups are currently being restructured in light of the current pandemic. watch here for more information when it becomes available. 

Nursery is available during worship for babies through age 2.