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OuR Mission
By God’s grace and power we will
people for the glory of Jesus Christ. 

Our Vision

1. We see a place where the hurting, broken, depressed, frustrated, confused, proud, and lost can find grace, love,  mercy, help, hope, forgiveness, acceptance, encouragement, guidance, and truth.  

2. We see people who are passionate about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the hundreds of thousands of  residents in Shelby County and its surrounding areas.  

3. We see a church that welcomes thousands of members into a true faith family that is loving, learning, lamenting,  joyful, laughing, unified, peacemaking, and living in harmony together.  

4. We see a church that is developing people to spiritual maturity and reproduction through weekly celebrative worship  gatherings, small group Bible studies, prayer, retreats, use of modern technology, and a ministry training school.  

5. We see leaders that are equipping every believer for significant ministry by helping them discover the gifts and  talents God has given them.  

6. We see a generous and financially stable church that is sending out hundreds of church workers, missionaries, church  planters and revitalizers all over Shelby County and the world.  

7. We see a church that is sending out hundreds of people to do short-term mission work in Shelby County and around  the world.  

8. We see a church that is empowering every member for a personal life mission in the world. 

9. We see a church that is multiplying at least every 3 years.  

10. We see modern facilities on well cared for grounds where God builds a regional church for Shelby County with  beautiful, yet simple facilities including a worship center, places for prayer and counseling, classrooms for Bible  studies and training, and recreational areas. These facilities will be designed to minister to the total person spiritually,  emotionally, physically, and socially. These facilities will be set in a peaceful and inspiring garden landscape. 

11. We see babies, children, youth, families, and adults of every age, background, and stage of life living in unity  amidst diversity.  

12. We see people being loved, reached, taught, and sent out to fulfill the purpose God made them for in the world.  

We trust God to do all of this for His glory, in His timing, and for the good of people in Shelby County and all around  the world in this generation and in the generations to come.  

We put our faith and hope in the only One who deserves it, and we want our love for Him and the world to be clearly  seen as He makes this vision reality. Lord Jesus, we trust in you and your promises.